Re: 2009 MFFL Discussion Thread

Posted by owner on 2009/7/23 14:44:27
Greg here.

A couple of hurdles.

Each division in the MFFL is its own game, meaning they draft from their own separate pool of players. So, each division will have to pay full price at myfantasyleague.

How many divisions want to go back to paying and do all six members in said divisions want to go back to paying?

Who will collect the money and who will send it in?

When some divisions have no-shows or owners who don't want to return, who will take up the slack?

How, if at all, will this relate back to


Personally, I think the MFFL is done as far as managing the divisions and the membership. My suggestion is that if we have any interested parties left, they should get the emails for their division mates and confer ASAP.

I guess that the Namath division will go this route and we'll soldier on. But, I hate that the league as we know it is probably over.

If anyone wants to take on the task of saving their division, I can help with email addresses, assuming the online MFFL database is still gone. I have a pretty good directory of the owners at home.

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