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  2009 MFFL Discussion Thread


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Poster Thread
  •  brad (hithouse: Montana)
      brad (hithouse: Montana)
Re: 2009 MFFL Discussion Thread
Guest_brad (hithouse: Montana)
If a feasible stat service can be found i like probably most owners would love to keep things just as they have been and enjoy the continuity and exclusivity/control of having our own dedicated site, however, time is running short and we aren't too far away from have to get drafts and what not lined even if its going to a service/league that runs all the stats i am all on board for whatever it takes to "keep the dream alive" so to speak. If we need to go that route Cecil's suggestion looks like as good of an option as i have seen in that realm.
Posted on: 2009/7/16 8:32
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  •  chinman
2009 MFFL Discussion Thread
Joined: 2009/6/14
Posts: 5
Hey guys,

I put the forum back up so that we can try to discuss the future of the MFFL. You can post without logging in, just sign your name at the bottom of the post.

As stated in before, we're kind of in a hard place in that our stat service that we've used for the last 10+ years has just disappeared. We're in the process of trying to find a new stat service, but haven't found one that isn't insanely expensive.

One alternative is to go with a fantasy football service, Cecil has suggested . They would basically run all the stats and such for us, and we would pay them to do it. Of course the problem here is that we would lose the continuity of having it on the MFFL site.

The floor is open to discussion

Posted on: 2009/7/15 21:35
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